Choosing the right doctor and maternity hospital will help make the arrival of your baby a more positive experience. However, finding the best medical care is not always easy.There are so many factors to consider, such as your relationship with your doctor, the quality of medical staff and if you have special medical requirements due to pregnancy complications, these require facilities or medical expertise that are only available in certain hospitals.When searching for the perfect place for the birth of your baby make sure the hospital or nursing home of your choice has at least the following

  • A good obstetrician and neonatal doctors team.
  • a neonatal  intensive care unit (NICU).
  • well equipped delivery room and operating theatre (OT).
  • An ambulance service 24/7

Having a doctor you feel comfortable with is just as important as finding a good place for the delivery of your child. If things do not go as planned during labour and birth , you need to trust that your doctor will make the possible choice for you and your baby. A good doctor is one who not only makes you feel like she knows what she is doing but also listens to your fears and questions.

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