In true Indian style, you may find that everyone has an opinion about what you should and should not do in pregnancy and even after you have given birth . You may find yourself getting lots of advice about everything. Some of it is appreciated but some might just sound odd.

Fortunately, a healthy dose of common sense can help you decide what to eat and what to take with a pinch of salt. if in doubt, check with your doctor as there may be safety concerns and precautions.


Some common pregnancy myths

 1. Myth : Going out during an eclipse is harmful for your unborn baby.

  Truth : Although there is no harm following this belief to allay your or your family’s fears, if you have to be out and about , rest assured that no evidence suggests that an eclipse can harm a pregnant mom or her baby.

2. Myth : Putting on your weight gives you more strength for labour.

 Truth : It is normal to gain weight during pregnancy as your baby grows inside you as your body changes to accommodate your baby. But there is an optional range of weight gain that one needs to achieve.

 3. Myth : Washing your hair during pregnancy is harmful for your baby.

Truth : There is no evidence to suggest that washing your hair during pregnancy can cause harm to your baby. Pregnant women in many other parts of the world wash their hair regularly throughout pregnancy with no ill effects on their babies.

 4. Myth : Looking at a beautiful baby makes your unborn baby beautiful

 Truth : Many traditions including Garbh Sanskar tell us that what an expectant mother experiences can affect her growing baby. But that does not apply to physical appearances. What your baby looks like will be determined by the genes that are passed on to him or her from you and your husband. 

5. Myth : Drinking saffron (kesar) milk makes your unborn baby fair.

 Truth : You may find elders advise you to drink a glass of saffron milk everyday to give your baby fair skin. But there is no evidence to support this belief. Your baby’s complexion depends purely on your and your husband’s genes.

 6. Myth : Drinking ghee in the ninth month of pregnancy helps your baby slip out faster at birth.

 Truth : No evidence suggests that drinking ghee in your ninth month of pregnancy will make the birth of your baby any faster or smoother. The best way to prepare for labour and birth is to eat well, stay active, inform yourself about the process ans follow your doctor’s advice.

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