Breastfeeding: Special bond of creation

It is rightly said that breastfeeding is a gift for a mother to herself, her child and nature. It is the foundation of the special bond of creation, which makes a child feel comfortable and stay connected with his mother.

Breastfeeding is like a bumpy ride. There are many ups and downs that a mother goes through on her journey of motherhood.

The most vital thing to remember is that through the miracle of breastfeeding is that all your junk food craving is going in your babies thighs. So be a wise mother first. Breastfeeding may be difficult at the initial stages, but you’ll do all you’ve got to do for the baby!!

The first challenge is to know when and how many times to feed their babies? 

A growing baby should be 8-12 times hungry in a day, so you need to feed them accordingly and look for the baby cues.

Another challenge for young mothers is to know when the baby should be fed?

For effective feeding, it is essential for a feeding mother to look for baby cues. Some of the most common cues that babies give when they have a growling tummy are:

  • When the kid licks
  • When the baby is rooting
  • Makes sucking mouth movements
  • Bobbing his/her head on soft surfaces like mattress, neck or shoulder.
  • Touches his/her face and mouth
  • Make screeching voices.

Is Crying a sign that the baby needs you to feed them?

Crying isn’t a good sign, when the baby is hungry. It means that his/her gratification was not satiated on time. Do not let your child wait for their food as it can make them frustrated and may have issues with latching.

If this happens, first let your child ease and suck on your fingers and then when they seem comfortable, try to make them latch on your breast.

How to position yourself for effective breastfeeding?

  • Make sure your back is supported and shoulders are relaxed.
  • Bring the baby close to your body i.e belly-to-belly and do not lean over the baby.
  • The baby’s body should be aligned as hip and earlobe should be in a straight line.
  • Support the baby with a pillow or your arms at all times.

Many milking mothers have an issue that their child prefers one side of the breast more than the other. Due to this the less preferred side breast makes less milk. This may even cause lopsided breasts, but it’s temporary.  Dear mothers, know that it is completely normal.

Some of the Positions for effective breastfeeding are:

  • Cradle– Hold the baby in the elbow area of the same side hand as the breast used while feeding and give support using the opposite hand.
  • Cross-cradle–  Hold the baby in the elbow area of the opposite side hand as the breast used while feeding and give support using the same side hand.
  • Football– support the baby’s head with the same side hand, Put a pillow under the bay and wrap their body under your arms.
  • Side-lying using a modified cradle– Ley the baby’s body next to yours, and place your arm underneath. This position is best if you’re about to doze-off.
  • Laid-back breastfeeding– Relax on a recliner, place your baby’s stomach pressed against yours. This is the most relaxed position.


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I conclude that ladies, the child will let you know when to stop, until then be the nursing goddess that you are and forget what everybody else has to say. Stay hydrated, stay relaxed, stay connected to your baby. That’s what your body was made to do. Trust it!!

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