How often should I get my baby weighed and measured?

You’ve survived 9 months of pregnancy. You’ve made it through the excitement of labor pain and delivery, and now you’re ready to head home and begin life with your baby. Now what you are most concern is about your baby’s proper growth .

Weighing baby is what makes you measure your baby’s growth overtime. This makes you to help to know is your baby growing healthy or not? Now the concern is many parents weight their babies too frequently which can lead to stress.
So you should know when to measure your baby’s weight and here is a rough guide for you when to measure your baby’s weight :

  • Two weeks to six months – once a month
  • Six months to 12 months – once every two months
  • Over 12 months – once every three months

Why don’t all babies weigh the same?

The disparities in weights depend on 3 factors:

  • The baby’s gender (girls usually weigh 300gm less – 0.7 lbs – than boys).
  • The genetic material of the parents.
  • The health and nutrition of the mother during the pregnancy.

Note :

1. Some of the genetic characteristics parents pass on to their children are specific to a certain region of the world.
2. A baby’s weight is linked to his height.

Your baby’s weight gain

Usually your baby will gain weight from first to six months rapidly. The rate of growth will decrease as they become little older. Also the rate of growth falls down when they are ill but once they recover it, the rate of growth becomes to normal within a week or two.


It is not mandatory that your baby will only gain weight over times. The common reasons are:

  • The babies are saturated with water as they have been floating around in amniotic fluid (99% of which is water and electrolytes). Some of that water will eventually be eliminated.
  • They must first “learn” how to digest milk as they have been fed through the ombilical cord for 9 months.

Should I worry?

Sometimes parents are over concern regarding their babies , especially the first time parent. Weighing of babies again and again can lead to a lot of stress to their parents about their growth .

But you shouldn’t worry much because it is normal to gain or loose weight at the growing time. In case of any problem, consult your doctor about it, surely they will give you the best advice.


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