There is a sudden boost in the number of fertility clinics in our country over the last decade. Television and hoardings are all covered with advertisements of fertility center and clinics, more and more people are turning towards advanced techniques to deal with infertility. Infertility has been the most talked subject among both men and women; however it is still considered a taboo. There has been significant rise in the percentage of people suffering from infertility and the lack of awareness is making it worse in early diagnosis of fertility related diseases. The drastic change in lifestyle and the peer pressure have lead to ignorance of leading a healthy and fit lifestyle among the women of our country. It is difficult to look away from the fact that about one- fifth of women in India are suffering from infertility.

PCOS is considered to be one of the leading causes of infertility in women and it is important to bring awareness about the syndrome among the women.

PCOS stands for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a common problem caused due to imbalance of androgens (male hormones) in the body. This hormonal imbalance is responsible for development of cysts in the ovaries, which causes hindrance in normal ovulation or menstruation. It not only impairs the fertility, but affects other organs of the body such as pancreas, blood, fat and even the brain.

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Symptoms of PCOS

The symptoms to look out for diagnosis of Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome are as follows:

1) Irregular periods

Irregular or absence of menstrual cycle in women of reproductive age should not be ignored. It requires immediate attention for early treatment.

2) Weight Gain


Abnormal gain of weight and obesity are considered to be the most visible symptoms of PCOS.

3) Unwanted hair growth

There is excess growth of hair on the some parts of the body such as face, back, arms and on the abdomen area. This happens due to increase of male hormones, androgens in the body which elevates masculine features in the body.

4)Hair loss


It is the most visible symptoms of PCOS. It results in thinning of hair and hair loss, in extreme cases causes baldness.

5) Skin Problems

It causes skin problems such as zits, acnes, pimples on the face, darkening of skin, skin tags in the armpits.

Causes of PCOS

The question is what causes PCOS and can it be prevented. The major causes of PCOS are listed below:

1) Excess levels of insulin

Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas which regulates the usage of glucose in the body. When there is increase in levels of insulin, the ability to use insulin effectively is impaired. Excess insulin also leads to increase in androgen, male hormones in female body, which interferes with the normal ovulation.



If your ancestors have suffered from PCOS, then there are higher chances of you suffering from the disease as heredity plays a major role in acquiring the disease.


Studies show that stress and anxiety is responsible for PCOS in women of our country, Stress increases the levels of androgen in the body which increases male traits, suppressing the female hormones. The change in lifestyle and unhealthy food habits are to be blamed.

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Things which will help in redressing the effects of PCOS:

1) Weight Check


It is necessary to keep a strict check on your weight in case of abnormal gain in weight. There is no specific diet to be followed but, inclusion of physical activities in daily routine will help fight the disease. Ask dietician and doctors to recommend a weight control program.

2) Change unhealthy eating habits


Eating habit has a major impact on how strong is your body’s immunity. Consider low carbohydrate diet if you are suffering from PCOS. Instead include more carbohydrates high in fiber in your diet as it helps regulate levels of sugar in your body.

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3) Stress and anxiety management


It is necessary to manage stress and anxiety in your life as it is the gateway to most of the diseases. Bothering does not help in solving your mess, but it definitely takes your today’s peace.

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Awareness about the disease will help promote healthy lifestyles and consciousness about body changes. Early diagnosis of PCOS will save you from future medical complications and unnecessary medical expenses.Dr. Renu Malik, Radix Healthcare provides consultation and treatment to help you fight PCOS and fertility related problems.


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